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Re: Traveller SG and DS

From: <bail9672@b...>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 20:19:38 -0400
Subject: Re: Traveller SG and DS

> I'd like to put together a separate e-group for those who'd like to
> using Stargrunt II and Dirtside II for games set in the Traveller
> Would anyone be interested?
> Later,
> Mark A. Siefert

I'm a big fan of Traveller, mostly for the tech and role-playing
and not so much for squad combat.  SG and DS do not interest me,
Traveller-related discussions would slightly.  But, I don't think a
of 4-6 people warrants a new discussion group; unless most everyone
here do not want to see such discussions.  I generally don't care to
read the current SG and DS discussions, but I can skip it easily
and their are part of the company's product line.
I like the idea that Traveller/SG&DS discussions remain on this list.
The list is slow as is, and sometimes has way too much OT stuff.

No, I'm not interested in joining yet another discussion group; one
more of many forums I don't visit now.	But I'm a little torn, as I'm
working on a ship-based (Gazelle class escort) campaign with the
PCs as crewmen, and they'll have secondary characters being the
ship's troops when they need a firefight to soothe their warlike
tendencies.  :)  So, I might miss some tidbit of useful-to-me
information if I don't read it.

Ah, an idea.  (good thing I took forever to write and edit this :) )
There's the COTI (Citizens of the Imperium) board.  Maybe
you can get a forum started there?  I think I've seen you, Mark,
post there (I'm almost certain of it ;) ).

(Gaming) Glen

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