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Power Projection Website updated

From: Dom Mooney <cybergoths@d...>
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 16:20:55 +0000
Subject: Power Projection Website updated

Hi all and Season's Greetings,

The Power Projection website has been updated, and now has some FAQ 
items on the differences between Escort and Fleet etc. The cover is 
also up there now, if you haven't already seen it at or 
The Miniatures Page. also has a sneak preview of some 
of the counters that Jesse DeGraff produced for us.

As soon as I have shipping confirmation and prices in USD I'll let you 
know. For reference, PP:F was selling at a convention price of £15 GBP.

The convention prices are usually reduced slightly.

Oh yes - it's


Power Projection: "It's all about going to other people's
planets and making *them* do what *we* want."
CPO Vandenbroucke, IIN Dreadnought 'Cleon the First'.

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