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RE: OT somewhat - Eldar vehicles for GW's EPIC 40k

From: "CS Renegade" <njg@c...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 00:00:39 -0000
Subject: RE: OT somewhat - Eldar vehicles for GW's EPIC 40k

--- John K Lerchey <> wrote:
>> I should have enough White Dwarves (don't stone me
>> either!) that I should have pics of most eldar
>> vehicles. 

Au contraire, owning a 'Dwarf is a sign of distinction
(or at least long and distinguished activity in the hobby).
Just chuck away every issue after WD109 (or earlier).

> From: ~ On Behalf Of Foxx Travis
> Sent: 18 December 2003 13:07
> Subject: Re: OT somewhat - Eldar vehicles for GW's EPIC 40k

> They are the latest iteration of the Eldar EPIC minis
> I know that there are Falcons, Wave Serpents, Fire Prisms,
> etc.

Assuming the designs haven't changed since SM2:

Falcon: single plastic piece; triangular grav wedge with high
overhanging commander's cupola at rear and single longditudinal
laser cannon. Allegedly an APC but in the finest GW modelling
traditions missing any visible hatches...

Wave Serpent: two-part lead piece; air-cushion base with high
boat-like prow and exposed machinery. Wave generator turret
has flaring generator pod projecting forward with more exposed
machinery. You will know you have matched them when front of
the shield generator and the stem of the prow form a flowing
line (nearly). Think it was also an APC, but again, no hatches.
Turret falls off if you sneeze unless glued or pinned.

Doomweaver: two-part lead piece; flat squarish base tapering to
two prongs at the front. Two little external engine housings at
the back, in common with the Wave Serpent and Tempest. Spinner
gun does not traverse and is highly elevated (say 40 degrees).
Cable links gun breach to base.

Tempest: throw the rest away, this is IT. Metal. Big classic
grav-tank chassis with radically sloping glacis tapering to
the twin prongs at the front. Well for turret should not fit
any other part in the box. External engine pods mounted higher
than other designs. Turret has twin heavy laser cannon that
are too low for glacis; work is necessary to raise the turret
in the well or elevate the barrels. Tiny twin shuriken cannon
on cupola forms third part swivelling on the turret top. 

The Vyper two-man jet bike, Anti-Grav Lascannon, Vibrocannon
and possibly the one-man Jet Bike were all single piece plastic
figures from the Eldar (green) support box whose name I forget.
The plastic Wraithguard were from the Stompers box. 

I don't own any Fire Prisms (Deathstalker Prism Cannons?) but I
think you mean the single massive SP gun with a big crystal
where the breach would be. Lead. If it doesn't use the same base
as the Doomweaver then tell the two apart by looking for four
spinner drums down the offside of the Doomweaver base.

The Warp Hunter was another large SP gun but may have been cast
as a single lead piece as unlike the other guns it had next to
no base; the gun was the vehicle.

I'm not sure about the Firestorm but the silhouette on the card
shows it to be a tri- or quad-barrel flak vehicle. The base is
indistinct but would appear to have a slightly convex glacis
overhanging a grav suspension. Probably metal.

Again, I've only got the card silhoutte of the Nightwing but it
would appear to be some sort of flying gunship with a long tail,
diamond dorsal fin or projection, heavy crew-served weapon on
top of the nose and a smaller automated weapon under the chin.
Probably a single lead piece.

Nathan "Iyanden" Girdler

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