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From: Brian B <greywanderer987@y...>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 12:06:55 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: GZGs 15 mm Hammers Slammers

--- Brian B <> wrote:

> Very cool.  Speaking of Free Cal-Tex troops, is it
> just me or would a revival of TR's Rough Riders be a
> great unit for FCT (The majority of the RR's were
> from
> the Southwest, esp. Arizona and Texas)?

Just threw this together really quickly:

Free Cal-Tex 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (The Rough

 Following the establishment of Free Cal-Tex, the
Republic became the destination of choice for many
North Americans uncomfortable with living under NAC
rule.  Among these were a significant number of former
military personnel.  Many were eager to offer their
services to FCT.  However, because they came from a
slightly different military culture, it proved
problematic to integrate them into the regular
military units.  The decision was made to create a new
unit specifically to receive these individuals.  In
order to give it a sense of history, as well as
cultural ties to both the old United States AND Free
Cal-Tex, the unit adopted the name of Teddy
Rooseveltís old 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (The
Rough Riders), since a majority of that unitís
personnel had been from the region of Texas, Arizona,
and New Mexico.   The unit was formed as a mechanized
infantry and cavalry unit.

The unit continues to recruit primarily from the
American NAC-Expat community within Free Cal-Tex,
though it is now a regular army unit within the FCT
military structure.  The unit blurs the line between
cavalry and mechanized infantry, relying on Grav
vehicles and Powered Armor for fast deployment.  They
act as a rapid response force and as recon for more
conventional units.

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