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[FT] seeking Salvo Missile advice

From: Jared Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 19:11:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [FT] seeking Salvo Missile advice

This last weekend a group of us were talking about FT salvo missiles. 
It was generally agreed that, although we liked the idea of SMs, none
of us liked either the placed marker idea or the way SMs lock onto
their target.  We kicked around some ideas (some of our own, some from
various places on the the web) and have settled on something that we
are going to use.

(As a sidebar, we have taken O.O.'s advice and have switched from 1 MU
= 1" to 1 MU = 0.5")

We started by deciding that the mass and cost should stay the same. 
Also the damage resolution would be unchanged.

We decided on the following method for launching and flight:
Standard salvo missiles have three endurance factors.  When launched,
the player can specify how many EFs will be used per turn, from 1 to 3.
 The salvo persists from turn to turn until all EFs are expended.  I.e.
at acceleration 1, the missiles last three turns, at Accel. 3 they last
1 turn, and at accel 2 they last 2 turns (using 2 EF 1st turn and 1 EF
2nd turn).

The missiles are launched after orders are written but before ships are
moved.	All of the missiles launched from a single ship against a
single target ship count as a single volley and are represented on the
board by a single counter, even if it contains missiles from several
launchers on the same ship.  On a piece of paper record each volley's
ID, target, EF/turn and speed.

Launch speed depends upon the geometry of the launch.

Missiles launched into the F arc have initial velocity [V(i)] equal to
launching ship's velocity [V(s)] plus 3 MU.  Thus V(i) = V(s) + 3

Missiles launched into the FS or FP arcs have V(i) = 1/2xV(s) + 3

Missiles launched into the AS or AF arcs have V(i) = 3 - 1/2xV(s)

Missiles launched into the aft arc have V(i) = 3 - V(s)

Arc is determined by a LOS from launch ship to target at time of

After all ships move, missiles move.  They may apply the acceleration
from their EFs to their movement.  Each EF is worth 9, 10 or 12 thrust
(we haven't decided yet).  1 thrust accelerates the missile 1 unit. 
Turns may be made at the beginning, middle, or end of movement at the
player's (seeker AI's) discretion, in any combination.	Turns at the
beginning of movement cost 3 thrust per facing change, turns in the
middle cost 2 per facing change and turns at the end of movement cost 1
per facing change.

If the missiles reach their target before the end of their movement,
the movement stops and the the missile's attack will be resolved at the
normal point in the turn.

Anti-missile fire happens as per Fleet Book rules.

In order to attack the target ship, the missiles must be within 3 MU
(they moved after the ships, remember?).  Each missile rolls one die to
hit.  The number required depends on the distance between the missile
and the target.  Measure the range in 1/2 MUs and multiply by 2.  The
roll must equal or exceed this number.	

0 to 1/2 MU: 1+
1/2 to 1 MU: 2+
1 to 1.5 MU: 3+
1.5 to 2 MU: 4+
2 to 2.5 MU: 5+
2.5 to 3 MU: 6+

Attacks against the rear 30 degree arc of a target ship that used
Thrust to accelerate this turn get a +1 to their roll.

We use an integrated system of Stealth Hull, ECM, Sensor and FCS
levels.  It is a 5 level spectrum of None/Civilian/Inferior/Antiquated,
Basic/Obsolescent, Standard, Enhanced and  Superior for each system. 
We assume standard FB military designs have Standard Level systems in
all 4 areas, auxiliaries have Basic systems and Civilian ships have
None/Civilian.	For each level of Stealth or ECM above Standard, the
missile suffers a cumulative -1 to its roll.  For each level of Stealth
or ECM below standard, the missile gets a cumulative +1.

Damage is resolved as normal.

What is left unresolved is the combination of thrust per EF and the
number of missiles per salvo.

So my question is this (for those with experience at evaluating FT

Given that the cost and mass will remain the same from FB1 (launcher 3
mass, salvo 2 mass, 3 NPV per mass each),

How much should each EF be worth? 
9, 10 or 12?  More? (15, etc)

How many missiles should be in the (mass 2, 6 NPV) salvo?
3, 4 ,5, 6 or more?

If we add the option for varying Guidance systems on the missiles
(assuming FB1 values are for Standard guidance) and give a +1 or -1 to
hit for each level above/below standard, how much NPV is that worth per

Just to be absolutely, positively clear; this is for our own use only,
I am not . . . NOT  NOT  NOT . . . looking to get flamed for suggesting
a change to SMLs.  For our own, personal, use only.  


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