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RE: New Battlestar

From: "Dean Gundberg" <Dean.Gundberg@n...>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 09:20:16 -0600
Subject: RE: New Battlestar

> >>How did you like it when the Cylon android snapped
> >>the
> >>baby's neck?  I thought that was a little over the
> >>top.
> >
> >What are you talking about?
> Dr. Baltar's girlfriend kills an infant in public and just walks away
> the crowd. I don't recall so much as an FX for the act, but the look
> her face made it clear what she was doing, the mother's reaction
> later just confirmed it.
> That was probably the most significant bit for Number Six' character.

To put it into a bit more context, while in a crowd, Six sees and infant
crying in a stroller.  She comments not to worry as your pain will be
soon (foreshadowing the destruction of the colonies).  She engages in
talk with the mother commenting on how small the child is (Cylons not
children they are a novelty) and how can that small neck support the
The mother is distracted as the father is on his way back, and Six
down and a crack is heard.
Six is now walking away quickly in the crowd as the mother comes back
notices the child is not moving, she then starts screaming.  Finally
on Six and her face, it is not the normal calm face but there is
more.  Is it regret? Is it sadness?  Is it remorse?  We don't know if
did it to spare the infant further suffering when they start nuking the
colonies, or if it was an accident as she was examining that fragile

This new Battlestar Galactica did get the highest ratings of any SciFi
Channel show for 2003 and its 3rd highest ratings ever, with viewership
part 2 actually going up from part 1.  Thus I do expect a regular series
result from that mini, mini-series.

Dean Gundberg

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