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Re: this is a first...

From: Adrian Johnson <adrian.johnson@s...>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 15:35:30 -0500
Subject: Re: this is a first...

I'm with Matthew on this one.

I like all three series, and was greatly disappointed when Firefly was
cancelled.  It was well done - sure it had some "teething issues" as
any new series; it would have been great to see how things settled out
a full season or two, but it was pretty solid from the beginning.  

The cast looked like they were having fun, and it had some fun, quirky

Very Traveller-ish.  Well, with a strong cowboy flavour.

The sci-fi channel here has been running it again through this season,
they just finishted broadcasting the three (or four?) unaired episodes.
Good stuff.

The DVD set will be coming home, for sure!


>Well, I'm a big fan of all three.  I'd probably put angel as the low
>man on the totem pole, but only because someone has to be.  If you
>like scifi, and the idea of westerns in space doesn't turn you off,
>I'd recomend at least watching a couple of episodes.


Adrian Johnson

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