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Re: this is a first...

From: "Allan Goodall" <agoodall@a...>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 10:43:09 -0600
Subject: Re: this is a first...

On 13 Dec 2003 at 13:22, Jared Hilal wrote:

> I am suspicious of any sci-fi from the man who brought us "Buffy the
> Vampire Slayer" :)

I've been buying the Buffy and Angel DVDs as they come out. I never 
got to see 6th or 7th season Buffy when it came out, and I missed 1 
and a half seasons of Angel. I preferred Angel to Buffy (it was less 
angst ridden), but I preferred both to Firefly. Firefly was hard to 
find, it just never seemed to be on when I had a chance to watch it. 
I was taping them, but then I eventually stopped. There was just 
something about the American western frontier in space motif that 
didn't quite grab me.

On the other hand, I've seen enough people here liking it that I may 
get the DVDs. After all, it's not like I'll have to keep collecting 
them like Angel and Buffy (and there are only three more season of 
Buffy yet to come out).

Of course if you don't like Buffy (and what's wrong with ya anyway? 
*duck*) then you may not care for Firefly.


Allan Goodall
"The secret rules of engagement are hard to endorse,
 When the appearance of conflict meets the appearance of force"
   - The Tragically Hip

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