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Re: this is a first...

From: Brian B <greywanderer987@y...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:56:41 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: this is a first...

--- Indy <> wrote:

> I don't think a lot of the space combat was a
> giveaway to anything.

Not at all.  But I did enjoy the combat sequences, I
felt they had a more up-to-date FX quality, while
retaining the flavor of the original series. And while
the Cylons get a makeover, I was glad that the Vipers
look like, well, Vipers.

> They addressed pseudo real physics by using reaction
> thrusters on
> the Vipers rather than doing it Cinematic and having
> them emmulate
> planes in space. 

I noticed a couple of other "homages" to vector,
particularly when a Cylon flips and faces backwards as
it's still flying the opposite direction.

I haven't had a chance to *really*
> examine the
> combat sequences in detail yet, so not sure if they
> got it all right
> or not. But the overall story is gelling some
> scenario ideas in me
> for ECC 8.  ;-)

Yeah, I've already been asking myself how to model
them in FT and DS.  In DS 2, The Vipers had some sort
of MDC, probably a set of MDC 2's.  I'd also add a
Superior PDS, just to reflect the defensive fire
capability as shown in the show.

> Some of the combat footage was pretty cool, but
> other parts were
> jerky to me. I understand they were trying to give
> you the feel for
> *being* *right* *there* in the battle, but...deep
> space battles won't
> generate the same concussive forces as combat in an
> atmosphere will.

I actually liked the way the combat was filmed, but I
suppose it is a subjective preference thing....

> That was most distracting [for me] when the
> Galactica was firing her
> weapons (but ymmv).

The only time I saw the Galactica firing, I just
wroite the jetking off as recoil -- that will still be
there, even in space.

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you are."

- Anonymous

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