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Re: [OFFICIAL] Request for help....

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 16:18:45 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] Request for help....

Ground Zero Games <> írta:

> Hi all,
> A small request for help....
> I've been approached by a writer for a games magazine who wants 
to do 
> a general article on GZG; no problem here, but they need (quickly) 
> some colour photos in high resolution (suitable for high-quality 
> magazine publication) of some of our minis - anything will do, SG 
> figures, DS vehicles, and especially one or two of FT ships 
> (preferably the newer fleets like the UN or the Japs, but any would 
> do).

Hi Jon!

Unfortunately I don't think my humble skills would be suitable, but 
always in quest for good painting schemes I visit some excellent pages, 
which I would like to reccomend - you still have to ask the owners, but 
I do not think they would refuse:

For Fullthrust: Agis Neugebauer's KraVak and UNSC - not on his site 
anymore, but you still can find the pictures under:

There are also some other excellent sites  - if I remember them, I'll 
send them to you via PM.

  Hope You find suitable ones..


							     Akos Büky

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