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Re: Star Trek:TOS and Mauler

From: "Star Ranger" <dean@s...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 19:05:53 -0600
Subject: Re: Star Trek:TOS and Mauler

> > OK, after a bit of research on the Mauler in SFB, it is targeted at
> > ship, not at an area so a template doesn't really work so how about
> > using modifid Heavy Beam rules from the Earthforce Sourcebook:
> Umn...the Mauler is a short range (10 hex) template weapon..which is
makes it
> so, well, dangerous to the opposing side.  The damage done isn't
random in
that it's
> based on range from Mauler to target.  At close range the damage is
the power
> put into it, from there it's equal to the amount of power, and then
finally drops to
> 1/2 power at a certain range.

By 'template weapon' I assume you mean area effect.  According to SFB
E8.23, "Firing Arc: The field of fire of the mauler is extremely
The mauler may only be fired into the hexes shaded on the illustration
the right.  The weapon is a relatively narrow beam, and each shot is
at a single target within its field of fire."

Damage wise, you are correct damage is fixed at double the energy
for range 0-1, equal to energy from 2-5, ahd equal to half the energy
6-10.  You could convert it to something like 2 or 3 points of damage
point of energy in the FT version, but overall I like FT to be a bit
random.  It will be harder to get ships in the Front arc at close range
FT as it doesn't have movement segments like SFB so I think it will all
balance out in the end, but that is my opinion.  If anyone else wants to
play with maulers have fun and make the do whatever you want.

Dean Gundberg

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