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Re: [FT] Campaign Poll

From: "Don M" <dmaddox1@h...>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 15:06:10 -0600
Subject: Re: [FT] Campaign Poll

>From laserlight:
For those who play Full Thrust, whether in the GZGverse or any other, do
you usually have a battle:
a. as part of a campaign, or
b. as a one-off scenarios?
   (By "campaign" I mean a series of games where the damage inflicted in
Game 1 will affect what ships are available (or what condition they're
for Game 2).

*I do the one offs normally just for trying out new ships/tactics and or
train new players.

*I prefer to do a narrative type campaign.

and Beast:
For the list, I'd like any further insight as to how you start and keep
campaign going from someone that actually can.

*The first thing I keep in mind is the anagram "KISS" (keep it simple
stupid) It is very tempting once you get going to get very complicated
with your background and campaign goals. The campaign will do that
by it's self as a direct result of the players in put and getting into
thing.It will take on enough of a life of it's own with out  your help.

*Step One*
*Take stock of what you have in the way of players and forces to use.
Find a hook that will enable these forces to meet and make the over-
all goals of the campaign compelling. (harder than it sounds)...One of
the best tools to help in the GZGverse is at:

And for other genres there are plenty of star maps out there. Or just
make your own. Always, look at the map, remind yourself  why and
how did this campaign happened and let that consideration reinforce
every aspect of the campaign. This can slip away very easily if you
let it....)

*Step Two*
*Write up a good narrative as how this conflict and or the reasons for
high tensions leading to this conflict came about and why. Ham it up
it's your chance to really hook um...) It is also a good idea to write
a few what ifs to interject at various points as the campaign develops.
Campaigns should be cause and effect oriented and victory conditions
should be clearly defined.

*Step Three*
*Have the opposing commanders give a speech/Op Order, and make it
worth something. Have a good one impress their nation/command enough
to say allocate them another DD etc. Also make them do this over the
course of the campaign as things happen. This sounds simplistic but it
keep the players motivated, and having fun.

*Step Four*
*Keep them honest by constraining their areas of operation. I say this
as one who learned to campaign game in Napoleonics and W.W.II. If
you don't pull them in they with attack country (A) through noncombatant
country (D) and or star system/planet etc. I'm not saying don't allow
I'm just saying make it potentially costly...) Add a third power on the
line if you must.(this is a great way to introduce a new player BTW)

*Step Five*
*if this is a big campaign involving a alinace of two or more
per side. Or if the above mentioned third power option is used try this.
Encourage Treachery.......It is great just for the shocked reaction lol.

*Step Six*
*Don't be afraid to add other elements to your campaign like boarding
actions and ground assaults etc. This will spice things up for both the
players and you. Games should be as unpredictable to the players as
life is to us all........You as GM get to be somewhat more God like lol.

* Not going to cover everything here but there are allot of other things
that can added like supply, weather i.e. Cosmic storms etc. and a
myriad of others that many here have written of in depth.

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