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Re: Raising young Gamers

From: "staremu" <star_emu@h...>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 20:06:55 -0800
Subject: Re: Raising young Gamers

My four-yr old girl has shown an interest.  We let her play in our games
when we can.  She sits down, rolls dice, moves miniatures where I as her
and even gets a few hands of cards in sometimes.  Key to keepign your
patience is to remember that they only want to play because you do.

Anna, my girl, has her own "guys".  These are cheap dollar store army
space men, cowboys and indians and knights and dragons, dinosaurs, etc.
These are sloppily but lovingly painted by her while I paint my minis. 
is great.  She gets into the hobby end of the playing (she's very
and we get to spend quality time together - even the occasional paint
across the table.

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Subject: RE: Raising young Gamers

> Just had another thought regarding this;
> Any system (such as FMA) where the die resolution is simply "my die
> more than your die" probably encourages them more than a huge table to
> cross-reference.
> Brendan
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> > Second biggest rule is silly is fine... zombie amazons protecting
> > great chocolate box temple from the heroic band of dwarf loving
> > would freak out some of the more straight laced historical gamers
> > here, but kids love it. After that its a surprisingly short step to
> > did Napoleon's grand battery in show and tell today!".
> >
> >
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