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Re: [DS] ZADS to ZADFC HR's Part II

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 09:13:00 +1100
Subject: Re: [DS] ZADS to ZADFC HR's Part II


> 1. This makes HEL's incredibly powerful, especially in
> Anti-GMS ADS mode, given their ranges.  I'm
> considering limiting the ADS range of HEL-Mated
> ZADFC's, using the PSB that any missile beyond a
> certain range will be too difficult for the ZADFC to
> process properly because of the complexity of
> calculating how it determines legitimate threats....

I take it the construction system cost alone won't potentially deter
people from such long range coverage? If it doesn't and you're afraid of
blanket coverage then limiting may be the way to go, might be worth
sucking it and seeing forst though.

> 2.  It's been pointed out that High-Velocity and/or
> high Rate of Fire weapons (MDC's, RFAC's, HEL's)
> should be more effective in this role than lower
> ROF/Velocity weapons.  How should this be factored in
> to the above system? 

Two possible ways to do this as I see it. Either say low ROF ones can
only fire at every other opportunity (but that is opening a pandora's
box of what's an opportunity and tracking who's done what, so its not
what you're after I'd say!) or modifying the dice involved. Try lowering
low ROF weapons by a die type or increasing high ROF weapons and see if
it proves too much. It does kinda make sense that if you want a low ROF
ZAD you have to buy a better ADFC to make the most of it (doesn't fire
many off but they're pretty well all on target etc).

Anotehr alternative is to link this to your thoughts for 1. Maybe high
ROF weapons have a longer maximum range than low ROF ones... I was
thinking along the lines of all can fire out to x range, but the hit
rate for low rof out to that spot is not so good as can't track the
target so their range is effectively shorter. I don't really know enough
about weapon systems to know if that's sensible though.

And onto the other question from Brian,
> However, this brings up a construction question for
> multi-mounts -- do the extra mounts take up 2 capacity
> as per normal rules, or 3, or maybe it'll be
> 4/3/2/2/2........

I'd start with 4/2/2.... if that doesn't work then move to 3...



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