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Re: (SG) SaVasku bioconstructs

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 09:02:36 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Re: (SG) SaVasku bioconstructs

staremu <> írta:

> I would liek to see what the Sa'Vasku themselves look like.  I mean if

> fight with bio constructs instead of themselves, that's cool, but I'd
> like to se the parent species
> Eli

We all do. ;-)

According to the FB2 fluff, the SaVasku are few and far between, and 
you don't have too much chance to catch them in their own turf. And if 
they are on travel, they do it on the largest craft available, with a
fleet surrounding them. Even if you get past them, and catch the 
dreadnaught (they can leave even a fast scout behind, or have 
awesome firepower...), and disable it, and catch through the defence -
-"Look for the most colourful or decorated 

It can be, that human forces have already seen a SaVasku (though not 
much chance) but did not realized IT IS the one... :-)

FB 2 gives a lot of unknown background (PLAYERS ONLY), but I miss the 
information about the combat bioconstructs human forces had 
encountered regularly. Or noone lived to tell the tale..



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