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From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 16:18:26 -0500
Subject: Re: THE LADS

At 2:44 PM -0600 11/30/03, wrote:
>LOL, most of the US media folks only see a uniform and a weapon, and
>cannot even tell the difference between GIs, TOMMY,  and etc.
>kinda like if it has tracks it is a"tank" and if it is bigger than a
>pistol and squirts bullets like water, it is a "machine gun".

People keep wanting to call my Ferret a tank 
thing. If it's green and has a turret, it's a 
tank to some....sadly, that extends to many 
average people in the military. At least in the 
case of CNN, I can sometimes educate some of the 
talking heads.

Ryan Gill
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