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Re: Small Alien Empires

From: Tim Bancroft <tim@d...>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 16:29:46 +0000
Subject: Re: Small Alien Empires

>Laserlight: Machine People...
I looked to see how they overlapped: Nicely implemented - it caught the
frustrating flexibility of the Motie-types quite well (potential
infestation problems from recovered ships??? :) ).  
I am looking for slower flexibility: if prepared, ships have some time
to assemble and scavenge or detach a piece of habitat; otherwise you
meet a standard ship for that system.  The concept is to try and make
all their weaponry and ships actually reused from something else which
had a different purpose: non-war/ research/mining/investigation/ capture
/communications.  Maybe that didn't come across strongly enough.

>Disruptors = Enhanced Needle Beams
Exactly - hence the SSD symbol, though with slightly longer reach and a
tad more damage to make up for the fact they have few other weapons -
your concern their lack of ranged weapons may be problem echoes mine,
but I'm still testing to see how much that will hurt them with/without
the message drones.  I'll check the archive url: cheers.

>FTL Bomb "Implosion" and "cheesy tactics
Thanks.  I have not seen any jumps off-table during a game yet, probably
because they're too likely to damage their own side.  Having quasi-
intelligent drones or non-sentient "servitors" to do it seemed to be ok.
I certainly intend to limit "suicide jumps" (alright, FTL engagement).

Are there any other house rules for this already? (I've had a quick look
around)?  My own feeling here is that ships which are free of others,
are badly damaged (down to their last track), and still have FTL will
jump off table to safety if outside the "interference radius".	Within
such a radius they'd need a morale/desperation check, or could be banned
as it is tantamount to a suicide attempt ("Engage FTL."  "The crew
willna taek it, Captin." !).  Perhaps the difference between the number
of enemy-friendly ships within the radius on a D6?  DM: -2 per complete
hull track?  
Tim Bancroft

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