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FW: Papers on Ceramic Armour

From: Edward Lipsett <translation@i...>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 16:29:31 +0900
Subject: FW: Papers on Ceramic Armour

I just received this out of the blue... Don't know a thing about these
articles, but on the off chance that someone might be interested, here

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> Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 07:28:48+0000
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> Subject: Papers on Ceramic Armour
> The Journal of Battlefield Technology
<>  is
> a refereed, multi-disciplinary journal for military officers,
scientists and
> engineers involved in the delivery of battlefield defence capability.
> are presented under the broad headings of Firepower and Protection,
> Command Systems, Surveillance and Target Acquisition, Training and
> and Management. 
> Recent papers on ceramic armour
> <>  include:
> Damage of Ceramic Armours Subjected to High Velocity Impact by Steel
> <>
> Ceramic Armour <>
> A Comparison of the Performance of Various Light Armour Piercing
> <>
> To order these, or any other papers, please complete out article order
> <> . On receipt of
> articles can be emailed in PDF format.
> To subscribe to the Journal, please complete our subscription form
> <> .
> If you do not wish to receive emails from the Journal of Battlefield
> Technology, please reply to this message with the word "unsubscribe"
in the
> subject line.

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