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[OFFICIAL] GZG Xmas and New Year offers!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 08:35:54 +0000
Subject: [OFFICIAL] GZG Xmas and New Year offers!

Forgpot to mention in previous post....
Anyone out there who is on any of the other GZG-related (or indeed any
other general SF gaming) lists, feel free to forward this notification
those lists provided such [Commercial] plugs are accepted on them!

Jon (GZG)   <>


An advance heads-up to all listers for the usual festive commercialism
this time of year.....

These should be up on the webstore within a day or two, Paul's workload
Though since you don't have to order specific codes or items for the
this time, you don't actually need to wait till they're mentioned on the
site - we'll be applying them to all orders from now till Xmas.

Merry Zapping to you all!

Jon (GZG)



This year, everyone who orders £10 or more of goods from us up till
will benefit from TWO special promotions that we're running!

First, when you place an order (for £10 plus) this side of Xmas you
get a special voucher included with your goods, which will entitle you
to a
generous discount on your NEXT order of goods placed in January  2003 -
you can order stuff for Christmas presents (for yourself or for
and then spend some of your Xmas pressie money from Auntie Gladys on
more stuff AT A DISCOUNT in the New Year!
The value of the voucher you receive will be graded according to how
an order you place before Xmas - orders of £10 to £50 will earn a 10%
discount voucher, orders over £50 up to £100 will get a 15% voucher,
orders for over £100 will receive a massive 20% off voucher. Your
will be valid against any one order placed between Jan 1st and Jan 31st
2003, and will have a unique code number that you may quote in an online
order - so yes, you CAN use the voucher online!

[For full terms and conditions of offer, see voucher or email us.]


In addition to the special vouchers, every customer that spends £10 or
between now and Christmas will get a SPECIAL SURPRISE CHRISTMAS GIFT
included with their goods! This will be a "goodie bag" with whatever
of weird and useful stuff we can find - the size and value of the
packet will be tailored to the size of your order, so if you are just
ordering £10 worth of miniatures you will probably get an extra free
figure, but if you're spending forty or fifty quid or more then you'll
a bag positively bulging with nice stuff!
 Oh, and no being cheeky and asking for specific things or figures in
present - that'd spoil the surprise.... ;-)
We WILL make sure that your goodie bag contains things that are relevant
your tastes, according to what you've actually ordered - so if you are
buying mostly FT ships, you can expect a bag of (mostly) FT-related
We've got all sorts of odd things to chuck in the bags, including a few
new, old or otherwise un-released items that you may never have the
to get again - so don't miss out!
Just one thing - if you are under 18, or buying for someone who is (or
you simply don't like that sort of thing), please let us know when you
order and we'll make sure the pressie bag doesn't contain anything from
naughtier ranges....!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas holiday - thank you for all
support in 2002, and hoping we can tempt you with lots more new stuff in

Jon (GZG)



We all know what the Xmas post is like, so PLEASE order early of you
We'll be doing our best to keep up our fast turnround, but once it
us it's at the tender mercies of the Royal Mail (not to mention various
overseas postal services)!  We'll go on despatching stuff right up to
last minute if we can, but to have any realistic hope of it being
in time for the holidays you REALLY need to get it in as soon as
We'd suggest that for US and Canadian orders, and places even further
afield, you try to get your orders in to us by the first week in
if you want them as Xmas pressies; European orders can be a week or so
later, and for the UK the last orders will go out on Friday 20th Dec.
Of course, if pre-Xmas delivery is not vital, then you can feel free to
on ordering right up till the big day and beyond.


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