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[FH] Another NAC breakaway and world maps

From: Beth.Fulton@c...
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:42:58 +1100
Subject: [FH] Another NAC breakaway and world maps

G'day guys,

With the recent turn of events in Gibraltar, who's cooking up the next
(or may be that should be FSE) break away group - Independent Gibraltar?

You can imagine their Defence force's motto now... along the lines of a
and a hard place ;)

By the way if anyone's interested I've had a crack at getting a map with
coastlines as they will be about 2190. Actually I have a few versions...

1) 2m change scenario = as of today minus Pacific Atolls - most likely
based on current projections, but ice cover is going faster than we
so that may well change.
2) 5m change scenario = lose Indian and Pacific islands, delta lands go
under (mouth of Nile, Amazon, Negro, Niger etc etc) so like today but
bites out of it (just so happens those bites coincide with major
centres, especially in the 3rd world so there is a conflict trigger for
- about 1-in-100 chance at present
3) 85m change scenario (i.e. ice caps go completely) = very interesting
change, with south America and Siberia turning into archipelagos,
and America getting an inland sea, Florida disappearing etc etc.
Exceptionally unlikely and if it occurred I seriously doubt you'd see
stability and technological advances of the GZGverse... the Kra'Vak
would be
the least of our worries! But good for a chuckle ;)

They're not great in resolution, about 1/3 of a page in size, but they
do OK
for global GZG maps ;)

I do intend on getting this up on the web eventually, but its unlikely
happen before early January given work commitments, so if anyone wants a
copy drop me a line at and tell me what file type



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