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Re: [SG] Bounding movement

From: Allan Goodall <agoodall@h...>
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 16:49:58 -0600
Subject: Re: [SG] Bounding movement

On 07 Nov 2002 22:54:12 +0100, Claus Paludan <>

>First of all, this sounds like a good idea!! 

First, sounds like a good idea that needs playtesting. It works in FMA
but it
might have issues in SG2.

>Second - could someone email me a copy of the FMA ruleset (yes I know
>its old - :))

Second, unless you're on the playtest list, the version Jon posted here
is the
only one for public consumption. Did you get that one? If not, I can
send it
to you. (Send me an e-mail so you don't end up getting a dozen of them).

Allan Goodall

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