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[SG] Bounding movement

From: kaladorn@m...
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 08:45:56 -0500
Subject: [SG] Bounding movement

> On Sat, 2 Nov 2002 20:40:36 -0500, "Thomas Barclay"
<> wrote:
> >Why is this a problem? Well, when I trained to 
> >do this, our bounds were short. 
> I think you're looking at SG2 at too fine a scale. 

I considered that, but disagree. 
> You already have "bounding fire". It's in the fact that you can move
and fire,
> or fire and move, in an activation without penalty. If you look at
> happens in an SG2 turn (and not individual activations) you will see
that you
> had troops that fired and moved, and they moved half as far as the
troops that
> didn't bother to fire. 

Okay, that's not the case though. 

In the real world, with half of my force on "cover", the other half 
on "bound", when my guys move, if something takes them under fire, 
there is reply fire immediately from about the same effective range 
as the fire engaging me.

Whereas if I do this with one squad in SG, I may well get suppressed 
by the incoming fire with NO return fire, and if I do it with 
several, bounds take me far enough away to the point where my fire 
might be 1) out of range (given SG2s range band rules) or 2) at least 
less effectual than the incoming fire. 

So the situation is *not* quite covered IMO.

> I made this comment as to FMAS: you can't look at individual
activations in
> SG2 and think that is what happened at that particular moment. You
have to
> look at the result of an overall turn and see how realistic _that_

Except actions are resolved individually. Results are applied 
individually to units. 

> >I thought OW only occured at the midpoint of a two-action move and
> >Reaction Fire isn't in the rules.  Or reversed, I could be backwards.
> Reaction Fire happens in the midpoint of a two-action move. OW isn't
in the
> rules (though several of us invented house rules to cover it).

That's correct. I meant to reply to the original post and point out 
this is the right reading of the rules, but Allan makes my point - 
many folks use a house rule for overwatch, feeling it is a lacking in 
the standard rules. (Otherwise, try to cover a wall and wait for the 
enemy unit behind it to stick their heads up... there is no 

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