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RE: [SG] How to do a "bounding advance"

From: Michael Brown <mwbrown@s...>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 20:44:07 -0800
Subject: RE: [SG] How to do a "bounding advance"

I think 3-5 second rushes are built into the Combat move.  Your
and the way I see to do this is "Bounding by Squad"  Classic small unit
and maneuver.  If you move for only 1 action, this has some of the same
(fire then move, move then fire).

Michael Brown

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From:	Thomas Barclay
Sent:	Saturday, November 02, 2002 5:41 PM
Subject:	[SG] How to do a "bounding advance"

SG2, to one extent or another, represents fire
an manouver. I've recently come upon what I
think is an annoyance or shortcoming since I
haven't found a way to properly represent it
without some extra rules (specifically
Overwatch): Bounding Advances (Fire and

Why is this a problem? Well, when I trained to
do this, our bounds were short. If our buddies
chose to fire to cover us (or to engage targets
of opportunity), they were often only a few
meters (5-15m) away. Sometimes a bit further,
but never 75-150m!

However, simulating this in SG2 is a bit tough I
find. If two manouver elements try to do this
style of advance, it doesn't quite seem to work.

This is because the first unit activates, and takes
two actions, then the second does. If the first
unit moves twice, it will end up an average of
140m away! If the second unit has to fire at a
threat, it is one or more range bands further
out (possibly out of range). This is way more
than the 5-15m I recall.

I guess you can live with a bit of abstraction. In
thinking about it, I think in order to do this, you
need an Overwatch of some kind. It must
require only a single action. The implementation
then looks like this:

Squad A activates goes on OW.

Squad B activates, bounds past A in one
movement, then goes on OW.

Next turn, Squad A activates, bounds past B
(on OW) and then goes on OW.

Then B activates, bounds past A, goes on OW.

True, this will often result in firing from a
distance of 35m or so from the other unit
(assuming each unit is bounding about 7" on
average, leapfrogging), but this is far better
than what would happen otherwise.

Just thought I'd toss it out to see if anyone
disagreed or had an alternate implementation
that does not require Overwatch. (Not that I
think OW is a bad idea.... to me, it just makes
sense and prevents the "jump out from behind
a tree and shoot you when you can't stop me")

Thomas Barclay
Co-Creator of
Stargrunt II and Dirtside II game site

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