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RE: Books for SG2

From: "Iain Davidson" <iain@a...>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 20:37:59 -0000
Subject: RE: Books for SG2

Funnily enough, I have just bought DSII and was going to post the same
message about that ;-)

So, since that has been covered, I would be very grateful if someone
point me at a good DS resource that includes vehicle designs....


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Subject: Books for SG2

Hello all,

I know this subject has been touched on countless times and even this
I am sure, has been discussed.	I was wondering if any thought had been
given to a Fleet Book style volume for SG2.

This book could cover the canon forces and establish the "norm" for them
the Tufflyverse.  I imagine a 2-3 page spread for each faction.  A page
line drawings showing common uniform as well as insignia and the
ground forces banner.

Another page of TO&E and then a page of weapon, armor, vehicle stats.

I think this would be a valuable resource to players and a nice piece of
work to own.

Just an idea,


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