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RE: Battle Music

From: Aaron Teske <mithramuse@y...>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 18:40:54 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: Battle Music

--- "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <>
> _My_ preference is for instramental. But if someone
> running a game wants a particular piece that has 
> vocals, I am open to it (again my preference is for
> non-English/Spanish/French vocals, as vocals in
> a language that you comprehend can be distracting).

I've heard some good things with quasi-monklike chanting.  But
overall, I prefer instrumental as well.

> I like both. I plan to use some Classical, New Age,
> Film, and Techno. I am also considering some Opera, 
> Native Peoples' music (Native American Flute, 
> Austrailian Aborigine music, etc.), and other 
> selections.

Sounds very nice!  When I get home and functional again (home --
probably November 3rd sometime; functional and caught up with
stuff at home, like a month of paper mail the USPO has been
collecting for me -- who the hell knows?) I'll see if I can find
my lists of music I've been considering for Battle Themes...
also, you can search the archives or wait a little, I know I
posted my "Senso" (War) mix tapes a while back.  (That was the
first time Alan mentioned the Emerson, Lake & Powell version;
I'm about ready to order it online somewhere since I have not
found it in a store at all.... ^_^; )  Anyway, I can sent that
to you (or the list...) again fairly easily.  It's a mix of
movie music (some cues from Star Wars -- I start in the middle
of some tracks for better effect -- among other movies including
Crimson Tide and Das Boot), some Mechwarrior and (I think)
Emperor of the Fading Suns (both computer games), some classical
(Mars, an older version used Finlandia) and a good bit of anime
(Lodoss Wars, Miyu, Patlabor, Wings of Honneamise (Senso -- my
"title track" -- is from this movie) probably others but it's
been a while since I've looked).

Having been in Japan a while, I've picked up a few more anime
CDs, including the Lodoss Wars TV series CDs, which have some
pretty good music on 'em (though I definitely like the first
better than the other two, for those who have any idea what the
heck I'm talking about, whereas the OVA CDs were all quite
good).	So I have more additions to make to my list... as well
as a hopefully-fun idea for a game to run, though I seriously
doubt it will be this ECC.

I also have some... whatsits, S3M? files I remember saving for
this purpose.  Basically upgrades from the old MOD files.

Anyway, I think that's about that for now....


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