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Re: GEVs: Engineering and Recovery

From: Edward Lipsett <translation@i...>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 10:04:00 +0900
Subject: Re: GEVs: Engineering and Recovery

John, can I rent you for a party someday?
This is priceless!

John Atkinson wrote:
> Don't take 'em seriously enough to pick on.  They've
> had less time as an independant country than Poland,
> and don't have the excuse of having between 3 and 5
> militaristic, expansionistic empires on their borders
> (Russians, Germans, Austrians, Turks, Swedes, all of
> whom invaded Poland since the Scots were conquered),
> nor do they have the excuse that their geography
> sucks--given a choice between the Highlands and a
> large flat country with no natural boundries, I know
> which I'd like to overrun.  And unlike Poland, they
> were never a dominant world power.  Nor did they
> single-handedly save Europe in the space of an
> afternoon.
> I actually respect the Poles, but realistically if I
> have to make a snide remark about nations who try to
> fight with utterly inadequate equipment, they just
> jump to mind.  I could say "Finnish" or "Ethiopian"
> but far fewer people are familiar with those examples.
> Of course, the fact that they held out 50% longer than
> the French does come to mind, but everyone's sick of
> hearing me slag on the French.

Of course anyone who truly loves books buys more of them
than he or she can hope to read in one fleeting lifetime.  A
good book, resting unopened in its slot on a shelf, full of
majestic potentiality, is the most comforting sort of
intellectual wallpaper.
- David Quammen, "The Boilerplate Rhino: Time-and-Motion Study"
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