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Non-canon powers and the LE

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 02:01:52 -0500
Subject: Non-canon powers and the LE

Non-canon powers:
I find some of the non-canon powers very 
persuasive in that they have more verisimilitude 
than some of the canon powers (NAC jumps to 
mind...). But, in order to integrate smoothly 
with others, I opted (as did Laserlight) to work 
on detailing canon powers and non-canon 
powers small enough to fit inside the 
Tuffleyverse and be below anyone's radar.

I've got a list somewhere with hundreds of NAC 
ship names (I'm trying to compose a list that is 
comprehensive). I've got a few for the other 
powers. Eventually, this will appear as part of 
my Jane's 2183 project... but that is slow in 
coming due to other commitments. 

I'm sort of half heartedly working on the NFR as 
a small canon power (New French Republic) 
because I have an idea of who might have 
made it up (Basque seperatists, Quebecois, 
disenfranchised FSE, French from the African 
former French colonies, etc). No one seems to 
have claimed it, and it made a good place to 
try out some alternate FSE designs and has 
some good historical battles to drag together 
mercenaries, local NFR forces, the FSE and the 
NAC. Again, this is a project in mid-phase. 

I've worked up a fair part (except for finishing 
haggling with Laserlight on some details) of an 
AE sovereignty known as the Turing Republic. A 
small, but interesting, addition to the almost-
chaos of the Alarishi Empire. Known primarily 
for the quality of its research establishment and 
its disproportionate computing resources. A 
friend to the NI, a friend (though in a low-key 
way since the Emperor finds this relation 
distasteful) to the UN, a friend to the Japanese, 
the NSL and the IAS. And to a number of other 
AE sovereignties like the Planet of the Geeks 
and New Los Angeles. But small enough to be 
well below the radar of any of the major 
powers, except when they're very bored (and in 
the case of the NAC, have an ax to grind). 

Someone asked about La Legion Etrange. It 
played a heavy role in my "Grey Day To Die" 
scenario at GZG-ECC-III. The 5ieme REA 
(Regiment Etrange Aerospaciale) was deployed 
as part of the human task force (and 
unfortunate end the NSL and FSE forces came 
to eventually explains how they split apart). 

For a bit of fiction which covered the lead-up, 
here's an old blast-from-the-past link:

For some pics:

Some quotes, at least one of which has attained a semi-
legendary status (Hi Ted....):

A few I'd like to specifically single out:
More from A Grey Day (yes, it was still going!):
Tom P: "Because it's honorable."
Joel: "I don't care. We're French."
"We woulda kept playing but the figures were 
getting tired." - Ted Arlauskas, end of A Grey 
Day scenario.
Definitely from A Grey Day:
David Raynes (on saturday): "I'll give you $1.50 
to stop shooting at me."
<later> "$3.50"
<later> "$7.00"
<next day> "$12.00, that's my final offer."

The AAR has never fully been published.... perhaps 
because there is another scenario to be run as a 
followup sometime.  The result of Grey Day was the 
humans handed the KV their heads (okay, they took a 
goodly beating to do it). But the KV couldn't finish the 
op after losing their armour and a lot of their 
aerospace. And at the end, a Legion counterattack was 
underway with newly revealed PA and infantry walkers 
(okay, the KV sniper did get to within RB1 of the French 
Major before firing, but he was also within RB1 of the 
hidden group of vehicle techs.... who promptly bagged 
his butt after he shot the Major). 

Pity the KV plans involved sanitizing the planet for 
forensic reasons..... "BOOM". Thus leaving the FSE and 
the NSL suspicious of each other...

So, in short (or not, but it's me so that's nothing new), 
I'd say the FSE Legion Etrange Colonial is well 
represented in the GZGverse. 


Thomas Barclay
Instructor, CST 6304 (TCP/IP programming for the Internet)

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