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GEV Physics and GEVs for engineers

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 23:56:06 -0500
Subject: GEV Physics and GEVs for engineers

Odd question for the thinkers:
Assume we have one AFV of mass X. 
On wheels, it probably has 8 wheels to 
distribute its weight between thus giving a 
certain ground pressure. On tracks, it has even 
more area to divide its pressure across, giving 
a lower ground pressure (assuming drive 
systems are roughly comparable, thus allowing 
mass X to stay about the same). Now, is this 
taken to an even greater extreme with GEV? 

I'm a little unaware of the physics of a plenum 
chamber. Is pressure concentrated around the 
skirts, where air is contained? Is it greatest 
under the fans? Is it equally distributed?

My question was this:

Given that a GEV is higher off the ground than a 
conventional tank, given that a GEV may have 
significantly lower ground pressure, is it 
possible that GEVs will have better luck 
penetrating minefields?

I assume with mine pressure detectors that you 
set AT mines for a certain minimum pressure, 
which probably makes them harder to sweep 
and less likely to go off on a jeep or false and 
go off on their own. If you crank this down, so 
you can target a GEV, then don't the mines 
become easier to sweep?

Just thinking of scratchbuilding some 
engineering vehicles for SG2 and trying to figure 
out if GEVs are at all practical for engineering 
vehicles. I have GEV-mobile forces, and having 
their engineering elements capable of 
manouvre at the same speeds seems vital, but 
some options (ie the mine plow) seem a little 
unlikely. Other options may present themselves 
(autonimous robot minesweepers, penetrating 
sensors combined with precision mine 
detonation systems, tractor/pressor beams (if 
you buy AG, why not?), etc). 

Thomas Barclay
Instructor, CST 6304 (TCP/IP programming for the Internet)

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