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RE: DS2:Scratchbuilding a dropship

From: David Tan <David.Tan@c...>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 15:13:31 +1100
Subject: RE: DS2:Scratchbuilding a dropship

I've seen at the GTNS site.  It's on the Microtac page for some reason

MT-28 Superheavy DROPSHIP. huge (200mm long!) Interface Lander kit

I'll still pursue my half done lump of "i dunno what".	If all else
fails my
kids can have fun destroying it  ;-)

dave t

>Has anyone attempted scratch building a dropship (a la the big GZG
>can't afford the commercial thing and was wondering how one would do it
>balsa, stockcard, foamboard??

Well, if it wasn't somewhat hard, we wouldn't be paying them the big
bucks... ;->=

By the way, is the big dropship available anywhere? I went looking, and
can't seem to find it on GTNS, GeoHex, OR Eurekamin, though I get lost
pretty easy looking at other things. (Things that make you go hmm...:
DON'T they have links to each other?)

Of course, Eli's right; even the full models don't come near to
until properly painted. However, how close does it have to BE to the
original? The use of helicopter kits has already been shown to have lots
potential. Space ship models can shine; I always thought that the ST
ship could be great, perhaps in 15mm, and I always wanted to try one of
DS9 Runabouts, with the 'nose' whacked off, replaced by some simply
detailed carding to make a gangway, and make the back end the front.

Not that I've found kit-bashing all that easy, but it's generally way
so than creation from whole cloth.

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