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Part 2C of Why...

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 12:02:40 EDT
Subject: Part 2C of Why...

And yet again - 

3)  You have a short range and effective Anti-AFV weapon but you want a
"sniper" gun for longer range shots at light vehicles, "TOW-Trucks"
(class 1/2 and soft skinned vehicles armed with GMS/H's,)  and
scout/observer *vehicles* (not considering dismount that would be under
Part 2B) beyond main gun range calling down the Arty fire.  This is
generally a matter of my DFFG using nations since Nations using
HVC, RFAC and (lesser?) HKP weapons will be using CFE or maybe HMT power
plants.  Else they would be considering the MDC if they used FGP's. 
Although a HEL/1 is certainly a viable option for them as I will discuss

Okay You have an effective AFV weapon that meets your nation's goals. 
You are satisfied with the anti-infantry value of the APSW you have. 
you want a little more 'reach' for the problems mentioned above.

Remember that HKP/3 is not a choice as also the HVC/3 is not because of
the Size 1 or Size 2 CoAx parameter.

Let us say use DFFG's.	This seems like a classic case of Mutt and Jeff.

You use DFFG's as the Main gun because of the damage potential of the
weapon, most likely.  
But what about out beyond 36"?

Well the HEL/1 or HEL/2 reaches 60" and the damage dice while not
particularly effective does give you a chance to hit/kill and certainly
put a 'under fire' marker (essentially suppression) on the gnat that is
making life miserable.

Would a MDC do better?	A MDC/1 reaches only 24" but uses Red chits, not
really better in most cases.  Maybe any case.

MDC/2 reaches 36" but the chit problem remains.  Not significantly

GMS/H?	Well this is a vehicle problem so the 48" range is nice, and the
chits are average to good (R+Y) so if there is not a lot of Superior ECM
and PDS's - maybe.  But for an additional 12" this seems at best
marginally better then the HEL at 60".	YMMV.

For the DFFG guys, it seems that HEL/1 or HEL/2 is the way to go.

How about GMS nations?	Well the problem is only 12" difference in range
but if you didn't want to close (my choice at first consideration) then
against the vehicles mentioned above the HEL choices would work.  The
CoAx MDC's don't outreach your GMS's.

MDC nations?  Well the range on the MDC/3 (and above) make the CoAx
for vehicles pretty moot IMO.  When you have 48/54/60 reach you pretty
much don't need the CoAx aspect of this question for case 3 above.  You
already reach pretty far and closing a bit closer to your range (12"  -
max - or less than the HEL/60" range) seems easier then shooting with a
CoAx HEL/1 or HEl/2 (Better chits, All/R+Y/R versus R or G AND more
3/4/5 versus 1/2.)

HKP nations? While the range margin is larger, HKP's (especially the 4/5
sizes) have a lot in common with the MDC guys above.  Size 3 HKP might
benefit but I doubt it.

GMS/H nations have definite incentive to move to 48" or less but could
gain some benefit from a HEL/1 or 2 CoAx mount (assuming you count the
GMS/H as the main gun in the turret - I don't but YMMV.)

HVC nations?  Buy the HEL/1 CoAx if you are size 3 Vehicle with a size 3
gun and CFE, it's worth it IMO, just get the PDS/Sup too.  Size 4
with a Size 5 or 4 gun and CFE, ditto, only maybe PDS/Enh.  Size 5
vehicle with size 5 gun and CFE, yeah, you too, maybe a size 3 HEL? 
a Size 1/2 HEL and a PDS and/or LAD.

Anyway, that's some thoughts on this unusual idea of mixed systems

This is too much like work! <grin>

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