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RE: 25mm and the herresy of **mm

From: "Alister Crowe" <croweall@b...>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:19:40 +1100
Subject: RE: 25mm and the herresy of **mm

I know i'm lagging here just it takes so long to go through all the
on this list...

i happen to own a 5mm Evagelion (well, its about 5mm scale, working off
size of the damn thing in the anime). It stands about 19 cm to the top
the shoulder blade, carries a gun with a magazine the same size as a
and looks hell-cool. Now THAT is a 5mm figure. comes pre-painted too.
eventaully i plan to get it out and go around squishing Derek's massive
hover-tanks with it, but thats in the future. it looks really impressive
when it stands next to a 25mm figure.. and dwarfs it.

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except for the goddamn actor.'"
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At 6:35 PM -0500 10/10/01, Jim Callahan wrote:
>Right...and all that cool terrain that you built painstakingly and
>lovingly will finally have a use besides gather dust and "when are
>you gonna clean up that crap off the kitchen table" comments from
>the spouse...

Well, I'm safe from that. I now have a house but have no spouse.
Sadly thought I have many things that were my mothers so space is
rather constricted at this point....

>point taken... maybe a 30 drawer cabinet. I usually don't bring what
>I am not going to fight with and 50 figgies DOES make for a nice
>sized battle, with

Company sized battles are nice in 25mm (closer to 100 figs) but a
battalion sized game in 6mm/1:300 is really nice. Combined arms is
where its at....

>time left over for visiting and beer-drinking which is why I play in
>the first place.  I don't care less if my 45th level dwarf has a +18
>mace of planetary destabilization or not, I wanna get together with
>my firends, have fun, and drink beer.	For me that is the draw.

No beer, it spoils my concentration...But yes to coffee or tea.

>I don't even know what the heck you are talking about much less do I
>know the first thing about GW terminology.
><monotonaic drone> Games Work$hop is your friend...Games Work$hop is
>your friend...Games Work$hop is your friend...Games Work$hop is your

Doesn't work on me. I have a bonus on my will power save as I'm a
former Squat player from the 40K Rogue Trader era.
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