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[FT] beginners review of the mini's

From: "Ashley Culver" <aec31@m...>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 16:51:03 +0100
Subject: [FT] beginners review of the mini's

Well, my first Full Thrust mini's have arrived in good time for the
weekend - only a three day turn around so pretty good service.

I bought two of the special packs.... A Fleet pack for the NAC and a
Squadron for NSL.

The NSL mini's remind me of a classic style that you might have seen on
Asimov book from 30 years ago - I really like them a lot. The larger
have a great chunky feel to them and they really look the part. Mini
was mostly good apart from one of the larger models which has lost some
detail on one side and a hunk of metal on the front which required
use of some wire cutters.

The NAC were less impressive in terms of style. Perhaps this was the
of mini's. The smaller carrier model is quite generic in style - but is
good mini. The other ships are quite a bit smaller, I appreciate they
only escort ships, and I suppose they only hint at the styling that
continue through to the larger craft. Not as good as the NSL but I still
like them. A bit of flash is noticeable but it's nothing at all to worry

One point I did notice was some of the craft have poorly formed holes in
their underneaths for the stands that come with them. A guess a small
will do the job but it's slightly annoying as I don't have one.

With the order came some interesting info on conventions which was a
touch, also some pictures on some forthcoming big Islamic federation
which look a real treat.

Overall, I'm a happy customer and will look forward to my next order.

All I have to do now is to decide on some colour schemes which is
causing me
some headache. I've done a fair amount of painting (some shots on ) but this is quite new to me.
be fun!



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