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Re: [OT] Gear Identity CONFIRMED - Thanks!

From: Aaron Teske <mithramuse@y...>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 17:32:31 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [OT] Gear Identity CONFIRMED - Thanks!

--- -MWS- <> wrote:
> Heh.	The fun part is finding one of the DPGs in its 
> "folded" position - I believe one came with the Grizzly 
> RAFM mini.

I don't specifically recall -- it's been *way* too long since I
pulled out my Gears, and I do have quite a few -- but that
sounds right.  I was going to say that it was the Kodiak with
the DPG, but I think that one is actually in the hand that
doesn't have the PA gun.  Though, like I said, I don't remember
all that well.

> BTW, both the Southern and Northern gears use the DPG
> extensively in the game, mostly as a backup weapon when 
> they run out of ammo for their primary gun <g>.  

IIRC, they also serve as "nice grave markers".	(Trying to
remember some of the comments about them from the HGML, back
when I was a bit more active in the HG scene....)

> >  At least now I know one of the mechs I'm looking for, 
> > thought the Rabid Grizzly, Cheetah, and a few others now
> > make the list too. Need to see if I can find me a surplus
> > Bricklayer or Stonemason.

The construction gears are pretty cool, yes.  I just wish RAFM
had gotten out the Ferret before DP9 pulled the license....

I had fun converting a bunch of Hunter Paratroopers to fill in
some of the "missing" airdroppable hunters, including the EW
gear... got a good amount of use out of my Paratrooper
squad.(IIRC, one Hunter Commando/EW, two Commandos, one with the
mortar, one with the grenade launcher combo, and one Strike
Cheetah -- hey, I'm not just taking it 'cause it's over-armored,
it makes sense in the squad!  Besides, I never liked the
rapid-fire bazooka anyway.  I'd give the names for the last two
Hunters, but my books are about 7,000 miles away right now.)

To try and drag this a little bit back towards on-topic for the
list, those of you who were at the last GZG ECC might have seen
some of my paratrooper squad annihilate a squad of IG in close
combat (once I managed to charge in there!) during the Carnage
Con Queso game.  Unfortunately, I never managed to catch the
media team, who got away with far, far too much -- and that was
also my second run-in with the media that weekend, having been
the "commander" of a certain listmember who toasted a bunch of
civvies with an IAVR right in front of a news crew (why couln't
you have gotten the crew, too????).

> I think that American Eagles in Seattle might have a few 
> of the RAFM HO gear minis left, along with Game Wizard in 
> Ballard (Seattle).

Hmm.... ^_^;  Though goodness knows I have enough of the things
packed away still to play with for a while, but I *really* loved
the RAFM gears for their conversion potential.	I mixed a Jagaur
and a Hunter (plus some weapons bits) to make a Hunter Zerstorer
(or was that the Armored Hunter?) and a Sabretooth (the
predecessor to the Jaguar)... made a couple Assault Hunters...
those puppies, just like in the game system, really were Easy To
Modify. ^_^

Anyway, back to the main part of the list....


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