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[OT] Gear Identity CONFIRMED - Thanks!

From: "Tomb" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:30:27 -0400
Subject: [OT] Gear Identity CONFIRMED - Thanks!

Thanks to Mark, Mike, etc. 

I'm fairly certain the figure in question is an Iguana. Deployable Pack
Gun eh? Catchy name (not). At least now I know one of the mechs I'm
looking for, thought the Rabid Grizzly, Cheetah, and a few others now
make the list too. Need to see if I can find me a surplus Bricklayer or

Nice gear pics Mark! :) 

This list is a great resource. (and fast!)

On another topic, let's hope that the top of his mountains is as close
to God as Indy gets... otherwise that implies he has fallen off said
mountain.... ;) (and although he is kinda slight, I still think he'd
leave a crater after falling a few thousand feet...)

On yet another topic:

When laserlight was describing the listbroderbund, he mentioned a few of
our luminaries. To which we should add:

Ex-aircraft carrier crew, a Psyops dude, a SF member (Keep safe!), a
coast guard chopper pilot, I think some ex-arty and ex-tankers, a few
guys who know more about lead/plastic/resin casting and moulding than I
can shake a stick at, some computer programmers of some note,
astronomers, mountain climbers, artists... we have all kinds. Oh boy, do
we have _ALL_ kinds.... (even a Suth'ner or two who don't like the term

Generally, it's a risk to run off at the mouth on this list about
something you don't _really_ know about. Someone probably does. They're
pretty gentle in correction, but it pays to careful how you express
yourself. (That's good advice anywhere I guess)

Lastly, on another topic:

OFF LIST REPLIES: What part of off-list is tough for people? I find when
someone says "If you are interested, reply off list", far too many
people seem to just reply to the list. The idea is to keep our good
signal/noise ratio by avoiding me-too ism and personal-interest only
postings. So if someone asks you to reply off list, PLEASE REPLY TO
THEIR ADDRESS, not the list. <With the nod to our resident curmudgeon,
who usually serves as listpolizei... not trying to steal your thunder,

Thanks for your attention.

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