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[OT] I know where you work (was Did someone mention OU Heavy Fighters?)

From: "Iain Davidson" <iain@a...>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 19:02:01 +0100
Subject: [OT] I know where you work (was Did someone mention OU Heavy Fighters?)

Hi Phil,

I've just realised where you are !   I live in Arlingham, which is a few
miles south of Gloucester on the banks of the River Severn, near
Frampton-on-Severn.  I also happen to work at Avonmouth so not that far
your place of work.

Are you going up to Bifrost at all, and if so, would you be interested
sharing a lift? I'm planning on going up with a friend who lives in


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Subject: Re: Did someone mention OU Heavy Fighters?

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 00:59:36 +1100 Derek Fulton
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> At 11:20  23/10/01 +0100, Phil wrote:
>> Someone (Beth or Derek?) was describing OU fighters recently
and mentioned _heavy_ fighters -- where?! Gimme!

>>Seriously, have I missed something? Are there such things, official
or unofficial, and where do I get them?

> FT901 space fury class fighters (pack of 6)

Them, I got -- several times over. Aren't they the "ordinary" fighters?
Whoever mentioned the heavies (was it you?) made a distinction between
the two classes, and that's what I wanted to know about. I'd like some
OU heavy fighters to go with the "Boomers".

Or am I still missing something here?

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