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From: Edward Lipsett <translation@i...>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 15:33:48 +0900
Subject: Re: ft-lite

I have seen  a very few games which were designed wth graded
rules systems.
Start off with six rules.
Second level adds six more, and adds depth to the first six
(but not changing them).
etc, etc.

I have always thought it an excellent idea, but difficult to
write and produce. 

Thomas Barclay wrote:
> Chris:
> So, when you finish that project, want to give SG-
> Lite a try?
> (For SG lite, keep: rifles, movement, basic
> morale (assume medium motivation, no
> fatigue), close combat. Add in later: squad
> support weapons, GMS, command transfers,
> communications, artillery, any kind of
> overwatch, etc.).

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