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Thanks for Rules Answers

From: "Tommy" <chuczek@w...>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:44:44 +0200
Subject: Thanks for Rules Answers


Thanks everyone for help with DCP in Full Thrust. I`ve a clear sight on
it now. Disscussion about PA CA rules made me sure about rightness of
modification CA rules (Special thanks for Richard Kirke for an
simulation of  PA soldier fighting against hordes of grunts and Thomas
Barclay). to Richard: I think cutting a dice for every enemy in contact
cause, that PA soldier will make no kills at all and I will stay with my
preposition of resolutions. About fantasy rules big thanks for Andrew
Martin for Duel rules, which push me in right direction (this rules
makes a combat very interesting) and thanks to them I encountered FUDGE
rules, which are very interesting (I will use them in next week RPG
session). I think I have been looking something like that for a long
time. My thanks I direct to Brendan Robertson for a modifications of SG
rules too. 

But if you have any ideas for Fantasy Monsters resolution send it. Your
suggestions are still needed. 

I have one more question

Do you use in your games both 25 and 28 mm models? They are too
different for me. Maybe you have a tips for diminishing a difference?	

Thanks for Answers and Bye

PS. Do you have in your surrondings many GZG games players? We are a
little lonely here (only two of us). What did you do to arrange a
fights? In Poland we have GW supremacy and GW players are very resistant
to new looks on gaming. Did you make a shows of the game to pull a new
players? Share your experience.       

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