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Re: [SGII] Modular Starship Terrain AND CASTING

From: adrian.johnson@s...
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 18:41:30 -0400
Subject: Re: [SGII] Modular Starship Terrain AND CASTING

Hey there,

I don't know how many responses there are to this yet - I'm online for
first time in 4 days and have five GZG-L digests to get through.

>Scott Said:
>I am using foam core board, styrene sheets, sculpy and epoxy.	But I am

lazy. <g>  My approach is NOT to build each and every wall.
>Instead I am just going to make one good (hopefully) set of modules. 
create a set of molds from them using RTV silicone and cast lots and
lots of 
duplicates using dental cement or resin.

Something you might want to consider for your casting.	While there are
some great resins out there for casting this kind of thing, I've done
same sort of thing using Plaster of Paris, and it works really well and
a lot less expensive.

There are several different types of casting plasters available - stuff
get from train hobby stores, etc.  But plaster actually labelled
of Paris" on the container is what you want.  It is used for outdoor
statues and architectural mouldings, so it is quite strong.  Not as
as doing your walls in resin, but as long as you aren't bouncing them
the wall, it works fine.  Takes paint well, too.

You can reinforce it, if you're so inclined, with some kind of fibre in
mold.  Fabric (gauze) works well.  Glass fibre.  Etc.  Makes it a bit
stronger, though isn't absolutely necessary.

And plaster of paris is a *lot* less expensive than casting resin.  And
sets up pretty quick too, so if you make several molds, you can have an
almost continuous production line going.

Something to think about, anyway.


Adrian Johnson


To win one hundred victories in one
hundred battles is not the highest 
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