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Re: 1/300 Starport Terrain

From: Mike.Elliott@i...
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:54:15 +0100
Subject: Re: 1/300 Starport Terrain

I think you're referring to the starport buildings by Mainly Military,
you should also check out the starport and city buildings from GZG.
Hope that helps

I just joined the list and have a question I hope  someone from the UK
answer for me.

When I was in the UK last year, I attended the	w.M.M.S show in
There was a vendor there selling 1/300 science  fiction terrain. Of
particular interest was a starport complex, which I'm still  kicking
for not buying. I'd love to identify this vendor and see if I can  buy
terrain still.

The starport consisted of low buildings with very  sloped walls, 45
or so. Kind of a cross between bunkers and civilian  structures, I
The demo model was painted gray with yellow and black  stripes in the
landing areas. The tops of the buildings were pretty flat, and	all the
buildings seemed pretty rectilinear IIRC.

Pretty vague description, I realize, but if it	sounds familiar, I
appreciate any information I can get.


Cary Hocker

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Thank you.

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