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Geohex Terrain amusement

From: Roger Books <books@j...>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 22:46:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Geohex Terrain amusement

I broke down and ordered a set of Geohex terrain.  I
am very pleased but more than a little amused.

I've been making my own hex-based terrain with the
Terrain Maker hexes.  My brown underside/edge paint
is an exact match for KR's, as is the flocking.  I'm
tempted to buy some of the road sections just to
see if he uses the same stuff I do for the roads.  :)

Comparison?  I don't have the time to cover my wargaming
table in home  made hexes.  The Geohex stuff is definately
worth every penny I paid for it.  For my DS, SG, and
Fantasy Rules! games it works out wonderfully.

For my D&D game it works less well.  A 4" hex is perfect
for D&D as we don't have to measure or count little
squares.  It's 20 feet across, a 1" miniature base is
5", the rest is easy.  I keep a folding ruler handy
but rarely use it.  <sigh>  I only need about 40 more
of the things to cover my living room gaming table.
Back to the salt mines.  If Geohex made 4 inch
hexes I'd buy a mass of them in an instant.

One word of warning, a cat can leave little holes where
it walks on this type terrain.	DAMHIKT.

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