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RE: SGII Forces Size

From: "oglover" <oglover@b...>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 16:25:57 +1000
Subject: RE: SGII Forces Size

Hi Jaime,

We will generally play with a platoon (leg inf or mounted with APCs) per
player. We have found that anymore than 2 players aside with more than 2
platoons and some support squads or vehicles tends to bog down. We try
overcome this on the table by playing in "sectors" but it can still get
unweildy unless you are happy to take quite a bit of time per turn and
more than 3 or 4 hours a game. Also we use as a rule of thumb that for
2 platoons (25mm) use one 6'x4' table. Therefore, 2 platoons aside is 2
tables, 3 aside 3 tables etc. Allows reasonable room for manouvre and
tendency to have your troops at d6 range die in the first or second

If you were to look back through the archives there has been some
discussions about larger scale gaming (eg rules to activate all the
in a platoon in one activation)which assist in overcoming the ponderous
nature of one player potentially having to wait for 16 or 20 other
squads to
move before he can attempt to, for example, roll to remove the
on his pinned squads!? This does not make for a rivetting game!?

We still aim for 1 or two players a side, 2 platoons on one side to 1
platoon on the other with some support on either side. These we find can
played to a conclusion in 2 to 4 hours which fits comfortably into a
Saturday afternoon or maybe a longish Friday evening.


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> As I try to anticipate how big a force to create for the much
> anticipated FMASk, I stated to wonder what the typical size of battle
> for those who play SGII. I know we usually play with a minimum of a
> platoon with vehicle support but then we play in 15mm so we can have
> larger battles for the same table size. What does everyone else play
> normally?
> Jaime

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