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Re: 15mm Stargrunt Miniatures

From: Tony Francis <tony.francis@k...>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 08:58:58 +0100
Subject: Re: 15mm Stargrunt Miniatures

Brian Bell wrote:
> I had reported that there was a little flash on the figures, but
> that they were pretty clean. This was based on a sample of each
> pack (A1, A2, A3, N1, N2, N3, K1, K2, & K3). After spending 4
> hours removing crotch-webbing (admittedly on over 100 figures),
> I must admit that there was quite a bit more flash that I
> reported earlier. Most units required a minimum ammount of flash
> removal, however, 1 squad was cast much better than the others
> and required NO flash removal (other than on the bottom of the
> base).

I only had this problem with the ESU figures - all of the others were
OK. That said, I bought most of mine almost as soon as they were
released so I guess the moulds may have worn slightly (or they could
just have been cast on an off-day).

> Most of the figures are fairly detailed. But I must agree with
> Stuart that the limbs are somewhat thicker than the earlier
> Stargrunt miniatures (which I have seen, but do not own any).
> Also, I was disapointed with the limited number of poses. Each
> group of non-PA had 1 leader/communications specialist, 1
> SAW (NSL could be a PPG), 1 GMS trooper, and 4 AR troopers. The
> 4 AR troopers all appear to be the same mold (perhaps weapon
> arms are bent at _slightly_ different angles). Note that this
> is within a nationalities troops. Figures from the different
> nationalities had good variance.

Did you get your packs from GZG, Brian ? My packs all came with 8
figures per pack (your list above adds up to seven) with an SL, SAW,
GMS/P and _5_ grunts. And the 5 grunts are in two poses, not one. The
scans I took of each pack (which you've put on the ship registry) show
all of these.

Tony Francis
Senior Software Engineer

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