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RE: [DS] Mixed units?

From: "Brian Bell" <bbell1@i...>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 21:03:40 -0400
Subject: RE: [DS] Mixed units?

Yes. You can use mixed units.

The problem is that DS2 provides no method of splitting units
(except for disabled units). So the unit must stay within
integrity distanct the whole game.

However, if you and your opponent agree, you can use house 
rules to allow units to split. If you do this you have to 
decide if it costs part of an action. 

In the timeframe of the game (15 min. per turn), it may be
acceptable to split a unit without penalty. Or you can decide
that splitting/rejoining costs part of an action (i.e. can 
shoot or move and split/join but not all three).

Get with your opponent and decide what seems fair.

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Subject: [DS] Mixed units?

Can you "mix" units in DS.

For instance, I have a unit of light tanks escorting
4 Supply trucks.  Can I make them one "unit" so
the move at the same time?  If I can may the LAD
on the tanks "cover" the trucks?

I'm still thinking Hammer's Slammers here.  In one of the
stories the tanks LAD is being used to cover the
dug in position of local infantry.  Could this be done
in DS without buying a dedicated air defense vehicle?

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