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RE: Jon's Landmate Heavy Powered Suits

From: Aaron Teske <mithramuse@y...>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 22:36:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: Jon's Landmate Heavy Powered Suits

Okay, here's hoping I'm not spamming the list with
HTML or anything... I'm in Kobe, Japan for a while (1
month or maybe longer) so have to read my mail via
yahoo.	(Whee....)

--- wrote:
> If you mean the actual appleseed "rabbit eared girl
> and chick" (sorry anime
> is Derek's thing) then there's a pic of one set of
> the figs on our site. 
> Go to the following url and then hit the
> miscellaneous link, the pic in
> question is the 5th thumbnail down the page down the
> page.

Actually, that's Deunan (the chick ^_- ) and Briarios,
if I remember my spelling correctly, who is certainly
*not* a girl.  (Though Jon did/does make some
girls-with-guns who have rabbit-eared comm headsets

While Bri is a cyborg in Appleseed, the landmates are
different.  I have both, though not assembled or
painted (and back in New Jersey); from what I
remember, they are a bit "stiff" in posture.  IIRC,
the last time this question came up Jon said he was
looking to get them re-sculpted some time, they are
actually some of the oldest minis in his current
production.  (Or something to that effect.)

			    (no, really!)

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