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From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 20:06:26 +0200
Subject: Re: FMA DSII

Roger Books wrote:

> >I could get around this by giving HEAT Impact D8 against RA, but that
> > RA rather weaker than in the chit system... and, equally important,
> >doesn't really solve the *percieved* problem - ie. those players who
> >at the IAVR-vs-APFC interaction without crunching *all* the numbers
and say
> >"Special damage 25% of the time?!?" :-7
>Actually I'm more worried about those that go "Hmmm, I have to put
>a class one weapon on which will rarely hurt a tank.  Let's pick
>one that rolls a small die because then I have a better chance
>of getting a special."

Same players, same problem. Drawing quick conclusions from first
impressions without looking at *all* the relevant numbers involved can 
often lead you astray :-)

Let's take a closer look at the case you describe above:

At first glance, it seems obvious that a low-Impact weapons will score 
significantly higher number of Specials against heavy targets. Indeed,
was my first reaction when I first started testing these rules.

However... in order to get a noticable better chance of getting a
you need a Class/1 with Impact D4 firing at an Armour/4 or stronger
If the lower Impact die scores slightly more special hits but fewer (or
kills, you tend to notice the fewer kills far more than the extra
for DS2 armour levels the Class/1, Impact D4 is the only combination
I've found the number of extra Specials to stand out compared to the 
reduced number of kills.

Impact D4 gives you two options:

* HEL/1, but only if the enemy cooperates by using Ablative armour

* RFAC/1, but only at Long range (ie. 12-16")

The HEL/1 has a very nice feature: it is by far the longest-ranged and
accurate class/1 weapon in the game. IMO its potential ability to
Specials comes a distant second after this. The main drawback of the
is its lack of hitting power up close, and it is also fairly expensive,
all in all I consider this the most versatile of all the class/1 weapons
DS2 - under the chit system as well as under this one.

The RFAC/1 is the cheapest heavy weapon in the game, but that's about
nicest thing you can say about it. If someone picks it instead of an
*only* because of its higher ability to inflict Specials on heavily 
armoured targets, I'd say that he is fooling himself: Yes, the RFAC/1 
inflicts more Specials on targets with Armour/4 or more (1) at range 
12-16", but the MDC/1 is as good or better (2) - usually better -
all targets outside this rather narrow range band, and against targets
Armour/3 or less even in the 12-16" range band. The MDC/1 also has 50% 
longer range than the RFAC/1 (24" vs 16").

(1) If you look at the same number shots which actually *hit the
the RFAC/1 inflicts more damaging hits against Armour/3 as well. Since 
however the 12-16" band is Long range for RFAC/1 but Medium range for
MDC/1, the MDC/1 scores enough extra hits to roll damage for that it 
inflicts more damage for a given number of shots *fired* against

(2) "better" as in "inflicts a larger total number of Specials and
OR inflicts the same total number of Specials and Kills but with a
ratio of Kills to Specials". I tend to consider a Kill to be more useful

than a Special <g>

So, well... in DS2, I don't think that you'll see these high numbers of 
Specials very often - if you see them at all. If DS3 allows more
armour layouts and/or higher armour levels on relatively small vehicles 
this quirk may become more of a real problem though.

Please let me know if you use this system, and any post-game reactions



"Life is like a sewer.
  What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."

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