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Getting out of 25mm

From: Stuart Murray <smurray@a...>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 11:53:04 -0500
Subject: Getting out of 25mm

Hi GZGers,

Forgive me if this is inappropriate for the list.  I'm not on the list
more but I thought this list may be more appropriate than ebay.

As a few of you know already I no longer game in 25/28mm, I hav been
steadily unlodaing my 25's for the past year or so now.  I've now
that I want to sell my Aliens 25 stuff.  Thos of you who have seen games
the GZG Con or seen the pics on the web have seen the figures.	I use
Grenadier Future Warirs for the Marines and a mix of a few origional
with the rest mostly Warrior aliens (about 50 including a Queen).  I
have Grenadier PA and Scotia/Kryomek SWATs.  There is a few other odds
ends in there too.  In addition to this I have two Galoob M577A APCs.
Almost all of the FWs are painted and a few aliens are painted with the
remainder black undercoated.  here are a lot of figs, altoghether a
collection for playing Aliens games or as a nice start into SG II.

Now onto the bad bit, costs... I'm looking for in the ball park $450.
Ideally, I'd like to sell them at the GZG Conn this w/e.  If you are
interested email me at and I can send you exact
of figures/state of painting and then we can finalise details.

See some of you this w/e,

Dr. Stuart Murray

Department Of Cell Biology		     Tel: (718) 430 2168
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine	    Fax: (718) 430 8574
1300 Morris Park Avenue 	     email:
New York 10461


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