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[DS] An incomplete AAR :-)

From: "Casquilho, Daniel" <Daniel.Casquilho@d...>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 08:28:37 -0800
Subject: [DS] An incomplete AAR :-)

Hello All,

	I did not think of doing an "AAR" so I did not keep good notes. 
Here is what I remember along with notes of what I believe I should 
do different. If I have something wrong Ted please join in :-)

	We set up a defense scenario using the boarder raid from the 
DSII rulebook as our guide. The table had a couple of hills, two small 
lakes, about six spots of forest, and three "urban" areas. The three 
objective markers where placed one per urban area. Ted needed to place 
a ground unit on each of the markers and then pull at least half of his 
units off the table.

	My force was:
1 HQ Squad (1 HQ vehicle + 1 Area Defense Vehicle)
1 Hvy Tank Platoon
1 Light Tank Platoon
1 Anti-Tank Platoon
1 Size 1 Walker Cadre (4 Walkers)
1 MRL Battery
1 Infantry Platoon

	Ted's force (from memory) was:
1 HQ Vehicle
1 VTOL w/HEL/5s
1 MedVac VTOL
1 Area Defense Vehicle
1 Heavy GEV Tank Platoon
2 Med. GEV Tank Platoons
1 Platoon of Size 1 GEV w/GMLs
2 GEV based Infantry Platoons
1 MRL Battery

Ted made a two pronged attack up the sides of the table. Each prong 
had a med. tank platoon and a GEV based Infantry platoon. His 
heavy tank and small size 1 GEVs went up the right side.

On my left the attack was blunted but at a high cost to me. On my 
right the story was different. I was not able to kill enough to stop 
him. By the end of turn five he had enough stuff in place that I would 
not be able to stop him. We called the game a victory for him.

Thoughts overall: We did not have a turn limit of any kind. The game 
could go on for ever if we wanted it to. This made it a war of
I had to kill two or more elements for each element I lost.  And of
I failed to do so. This could have been avoided with either a) a limit
time or b) the ability to bring in reinforcements over time. 

Another thing is we both took and accepted losses that IMO where greater

then would have been acceptable in most situations. I believe as a pick 
up game we both saw everything as expendable. In some cases we fought
down to 25% or less of their size and still had them move forward. Had
been a campaign game I do not believe we would have allowed this level
loss without a pull back. Just an observation.

Now what did I do wrong? The way I see it I did many things wrong. First
did not continue to hit a unit until it was gone. Thus at the end of the
game Ted had 10 of his starting 11 units left. Now some where down to
last vehicle, but that did not matter. 10 of his units where still on

I failed to understand how important spotters were to my artillery. I
use a second battery and more spotters if I was doing this one again. 

I would have traded my light tanks and Anti-Tank platoons for more
The 1 platoon I had the 1 walker platoon worked well. They each killed
then their value in enemy elements. 

Last thing I did wrong was once I saw where Ted was going I moved
to meet him. I was wrong, I should have waited and let him come to me.

Overall, I believe the game was great. I know Ted and I both enjoyed it.

So that is what I want to finish these notes on. We had fun!

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