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OUDF - Railguns??

From: "Matthew Smith" <matt@s...>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:18:53 -0000
Subject: OUDF - Railguns??

Hello, I'm a newbie to this list (just signed up yesterday). I have an
issue to raise.

The OUDF ships strongly feature large, prong-like protrusions at the
front. What are these? Are they weapons, or just sensor/communications
antennae? My take is that these are railguns. I have had some ideas
about railguns - I (like most people) figure them to be rather like
K-guns in effect, but I like to think of them as longer ranged but less
potent. This can be explained by the fact that they use electromagnetic
rails to propel their projectiles, rather than directly transferring
kinetic energy to them. This might allow greater accuracy (because you
can manipulate the magnetic fields to alter the course of the
projectile(s)), but would obviously have less power.

Here are my ideas for railguns in games... I expect some other people
have come up with better ones, if so where can I find them??

Railguns come in classes 1-6 like K-Guns, and obey the same rules with
regard to arcs of fire.

Roll to hit like K-Guns, but the ranges are doubled - 0-12 mu: 2+, 12-24
mu: 3+, etc.

If you hit, roll 1 die per railgun firing, and take the result as the
damage, BUT you cannot do more damage than the class of the firing
railgun. For example, if you hit with a class four railgun, you would do
the damage as on the die, but rolls of 5 or 6 would only inflict 4.

Damge is inflicted as per K-guns with regard to armour / shell. Screens
/ vapour shroud / whatever have no effect.

A class 6 railgun is a lot like a super-long range p-torp, and based on
this I have come up with some ideas for mass / points.

Class 1 Railgun (all arcs):	    2 MASS
Class 2 Railgun (one arc):	  3 MASS
Class 2 Railgun (two arcs):	 4 MASS
Class 3 Railgun (one arc):	  5 MASS
Class 4 Railgun (one arc):	  6 MASS
Class 5 Railgun (one arc):	  7 MASS
Class 6 Railgun (one arc):	  8 MASS

All Railguns cost 3 x MASS.

This makes railguns more adept as sniping weapons than K-Guns, but less
powerful as a means of doing damage to the enemy. I have tried these
rules for railguns once, but not the mass/points thing, which I am
totally unsure about (it could be, in fact probably is a load of

Tell me what you think.

Matthew Smith

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