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From: "Alex Kettle" <squawk@c...>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 18:40:43 -0500
Subject: Re: [OT]: GROPOS

>Hey Alex,
>does the "larger project" mean that GROPOS represents the core rules
>the race supplements expand on those rules???	or is the big one
>else entirely?

Well to to answer this and an earlier question, GROPOS will have some
units for each of the "Big Four" races of the show (Earth, Minbari,
and Centauri) as well as all of the rules, and each of the race books
offer more units and info for each race as well as eventually offering
for the different non-aligned races.
The bigger project is something else, but I'm afraid I can't give any
on the game rules or the bigger project just yet due to my NDA (I'm just
going to check and see how much info I can let out here on this), as
soon as
I can give more details and info on the game I will definately post it.

>I'm a little relunctant $$$ wise as the preliminary price for the core
>rules is $50 and each race supplement is $25, IIRC.

Price wise the minis will be approx. $4.99 a tank, or $20 for a platoon
4. Infantry platoons will cost a little less. Units will for the most
be sold in platoon packs, with a card included that provides all the
for the units (you would actually use the card as your unit reference in
game). They will also at some point offer "company" packs in which you
buy a
full company (of whatever type- more on those another time) for a big
discount over platoon costs.

Again, I'm still bound by an NDA on the rules, but as soon as I check
post all the info I can on the rules etc.

Alexander Kettle,
Upper Canada Battle Group

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