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Re: That Age Thing AND FMAS names

From: "Jalinth Kirkwood" <canieda_elgorn@h...>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 23:01:15 -0500
Subject: Re: That Age Thing AND FMAS names

> Know what you mean, Dave. It was nice to hear some fess up to over 50,
> if it might only be a couple/three years.
> I'll be holding on to 49 by my finger nails til the fall.
> By the way, you ARE a young whippersnapper.
> However, Beth IS a child. ;->=
Which makes me, at 16.5, what? An Infant or Pre-Natal?

And now for something On-Topic:

Here is an almost complete list of names suggested for FMAS in
semi-Alphabetic order with my Comments. Some are rather tounge in cheek
please don't be offended by them.

Alpha Team
Assault Force
Alien Soil - Sounds to Large Scale

Body Count
Bayonet Point - Stargrunt 1.8K :-)
Blazin' Beamers - LOL
Black Op

Crash Action - Sound like subs to me.
Close Action
Combat Drop
Combat Team
Cold Steel - Stargrunt Fantasy Battle... Hmmm that would be a neat Idea
Close Assault
Check your targets - Sound like an Aliens Reference "Check those
Corner!" -
CQB (Close Quarters Battle)

Doom Squad
Duck and Cover - With Burt the Turtle on the Cover! Yah! *Females
Tweedle-dum-dum, Tweedle-dum-dum, There was a turtle by the name of
and Burt the Turtle was very alert. When Danger threatened he never got
hurt. He knew just what to do. *Boom* He'd Duck and Cover... Ok I'll
now :-)

Die Shift
Doom Platoon
Death Watch

Enemy Force!

Fireteam Zero
Full Auto - All the time, All the time.
Fire Zone

Ground Zero - Sounds like a Post-Apocalyptic game or a description of my
Generic Universal Tactical System (GUTS)
Guns and Ammo
Gauss and Grenades
Go In - Fits in with leaving the game open to bad sex puns.
Go To Ground - Sounds like we just got the S**t kicked out of us and we
to hide from the Invaders.

Hell Patrol - DOOM III
Hostile Contact!

In Harm's Way
Immediate Action

Killing Ground
Knife Edge

Marines and Mini-Nukes
Man Down - Rainbow 6

Orbital Assault - Is this FMAS or A new name for DS2 :-)

Planet Platoon - Groan.
Point of Contact
Point Man - Not who'd I want to be, still good name.
Power Armor
Power Troopers
PIGs and Power Armor
Plasma Strike!

Reaction Fire
Rapid Fire!
Rules of Engagement - Taken. A pair of spaceship combat games. Not bad
actually. If you also had Breach 2 or 3 you could use Breach to do
Recon One

Section Leader!
Special Action
Strike Swiftly
Sudden Death - Taken. Space Fighter game I belive.
Surgical Strike
Sharp Edge
Special Forces
Sustained Fire
Shots Fired! - Sounds like a police game

The Sharp End
Target Rich Environment - FMAS VS DS2. You're not outnumbered, your in a
Target Rich Environment!
Target Front
Take Down - SWAT Team
Target Destroyed
Taking Fire! - Police again

Under Fire! - and again
Up Close and Personal
Under Cover - The name is Bond, James Bond. or Under Cover, Under Lynx.
Bonus points if you get the last reference, and instant death if you
get the 1st.
Unfriendly Fire - Is there any other kind?

Weapons Free - Top Gun

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